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Hostels in Italy: cheap accommodation in Milan

Hotels in Milan are expensive and that’s no news but finding a decent place to sleep without spending exorbitant sums is actually an enterprise when it comes to this Italian city.
While Milan is based on what we would like to describe as entrepreneurial tourism, what that means for the unsuspecting tourist is that even when finding what looks to be a cheap hostel online, it might not be the case when you actually turn up with your bags.

So here we give you a summary of some of Milan’s hostels where you can find out a bit more information before blowing your European backpacking budget in one city.
Milan’s oldest hostel is in the QT8 area, called Piero Rotta in via Salmoiraghi 1.

It’s the perfect spot if you’re going to San Siro or the Milan Fiera.
Prices start from about 19 euros for a dormitory bed or 26 euros for a double room.
It’s got a kitchen, snack bar, internet connection, laundry and safe boxes for personal belongings.
The Zebra Hostel is in the centre of town and is a brand new building which you can find on via Regina Margherita 9.

It houses mixed gender rooms of six and 12 beds and prices range from 24 to 26 euros a night with breakfast.
It’s a welcoming spot if you can put up with the zebra themed decorations.
It has internet, snack bar, bicycle hire, book crossing and cable tv.
There’s also a large basement for concerts and discos.

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