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Sexy Italian Minister Mara Carfagna captivates American bloggers

The American blog MyGalleryWorld came across Mara Carfagna’s hot pics and fell instantly in love with her.
Here’s the post from the blog:Mara Carfagna – the most beautiful minister in the world!Mara is an Italian politician and former showgirl.

After obtaining a degree in law, Carfagna worked for several years on Italian television shows and as a model.

She later entered politics and was elected to the Chamber of Deputies for Forza Italia party in 2006.
On May 8, 2008, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi appointed her Minister for Equal Opportunity, a move that received international attention due to her special background and her appearance.

Carfagna has been called “the most beautiful minister in the world” and was ranked number one on Maxim’s “World´s Hottest Politicians”.
Will Ms Carfagna appreciate the compliments paid her by the American bloggers? What do you think?

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