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Luxury restaurants in Rome: Ristorante Camponeschi in piazza Farnese

A great favourite with the rich and famous (among which the king of Morocco and the Spanish infanta), the Camponeschi restaurant in Piazza Farnese is one of best places where to eat in Rome.
It goes without saying that the restaurant is really expensive and to have dinner there will cost you a small fortune, but the effort is worthwhile! A few days ago I had the opportunity to dine there and everything was simply superb; from the exquisite starters to the delicious dessert (a sponge cake with cream and chocolate).

So if you are in Rome, want to eat superbly well and feel like mixing with the mighty, the Camponeschi restaurant is the place to be!Ristorante CamponeschiPiazza Farnese, 5000100 – RomaTel 066874927camponeschi@mclink.

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