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Rome vintage Vespa tours: scooter hire in Rome

Vespa hire in Rome is enjoying a boom time as tourists seek to relive the famous scenes from Roman Holiday – the famous film featuring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn.
The Hollywood actors have been immortalised in the photo and scene of the famous tour of Rome on a Vespa and the image now lives in the minds of many who visit the Eternal City.

Many hire companies have borrowed the image of Peck and Hepburn, one of which is promoting vintage Vespa tours of Rome, but with driver (I wouldn’t trust me either driving the streets of Rome with a vintage model).
A tour can take about three to four hours and you can get to see some of Rome’s hidden streets that aren’t accessible to general city traffic.
Other hire operations offering tours with the original Fiat 500 or even an Ape – Piaggio’s famous three-wheeled truck.
While the tour companies will tell you that Rome wasn’t designed for cars and taxis, but for carriages and Vespas, you can expect to pay modern-day prices.

Anything from 130 to 150 euros a head for a trip around town on a Vespa seems to be the going price.
If you want the real thing though, and a priceless image of popular culture, see the Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn famous Vespa scene in Rome after the jump.

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