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Hand made wooden Vespa Daniela

25 April, 2020
The creator of this little masterpiece is Carlos Alberto, who has put together this elegant wooden Vespa Daniela.On Carlos’ site you will find pictures of the various stages of work that went into building this Vespa, completely hand-crafted. I imagine…

Giorgio Bettinelli, Vespa adventurer and writer, dies

24 April, 2020
The Italian writer Giorgio Bettinelli, has died in China at the age of 53. He was an incredible man, with a different path in life and a vision of things that was appreciated by many Italians.Bettinelli was one who had…

Vintage Vespa in carbon: Nerocarbonio Vespa

21 April, 2020
After having looked at the lovely Bimota DB7 Nerocarbonio at Milan’s Design Week, on display was also a Nerocarbonio Vespa in carbon fibre. The vintage Vespa GS has been completely restored with carbon, which you can see in the photo…

Michael Jackson vs Mr. Bean on a Vespa

21 April, 2020
This cute little animation video should brighten up your Friday morning, with the one and only Mr. Bean who gives up his British Leyland Mini to ride a vintage Vespa scooter to take on Michael Jackson and match his dance…

Vespa GTS 125 Super preview pics

20 April, 2020
These are the first pics released by Piaggio of the splendid new Vespa GTS 125 Super, which inherits the same elegant and aggressive style from the Vespa 300 Super. The new GTS 125 is designed to reflect and continue the…

La mia Toscana in Vespa: book by Ben Birdsall

19 April, 2020
If you’ve ever wanted to tour Tuscany on a vintage Vespa, now is your chance - only you’ll have to read a book. On June 20, Ben Birdsall’s book, “La mia Toscana in Vespa”, will be presented at the Castello…

Revealed the Vespa GTS 300 Super

19 April, 2020
In Milan today the new Vespa GTS 300 Super will be presented and speaking at the press conference will by President and CEO of the Piaggio Group, Roberto Colaninno.The Vespa GTS 300 Super is a more powerful Vespa that hasn’t…

Vespa paper toy template. Pictures

18 April, 2020
After our post on how to make a Vespa toy with paper, we give you this full photo gallery of the process, for anyone who can’t get enough of revival gadgets and culture. The following shows the template of the…

Vespa GTV "Siena" version

18 April, 2020
Here you can check out some shots of the Vespa GTV in its new “Siena” colouring. Sending us the photos is Franco from his interesting piegando.wordpress.com blog.

George Clooney tours Lake Como on a Harley Davidson

15 April, 2020
How come I never get to see George Clooney at Lake Como on a motorcycle, dammit?! I live on the lake (the non-Clooney side, where the normal people live), and in my brief trips around in my little Opel Corsa…

Givi dirties the vespa with a new windshield

15 April, 2020
Givi has gone beyond. Its usual sober and practical style has been refreshed with a new windshield for the Vespa S50 and 125, characterised by a “dirty” but fashionable design.The screen is denoted by a dark serigraphic area (and therefore…

Photo of the day: Schumacher's Vespa?

14 April, 2020
These days it appears that Michael Schumacher is more a motorcyclist than a Formula One driver, and seeing these curious snaps that Oscar, our reader from Spain, sent us, we’re beginning to wonder.But the German we think treats himself to…

George Clooney and Vespa car chase from The American

13 April, 2020
The video shows the trailer to The American, George Clooney’s latest action thriller, and after the jump you’ll find another cool video shows a scene with a scene in which Clooney takes on a bad guy while riding a Vespa.…

More Chicks Posing with Piaggio Scooters

13 April, 2020
After the 60 years of Vespa girls here’s another video with more chicks posing with the new generation of Piaggio scooters including the Carnaby, the Liberty and the Piaggio USB hybrid concept.

Vespa and the tablecloth trick (w/video)

13 April, 2020
BMW’s S 1000RR tablecloth trick was a hot item on the web, so how could we not expect some copycats doing the same?While BMW did the trick in big style showing off how powerful the S1000 RR is, these guys…

Rome vintage Vespa tours: scooter hire in Rome

12 April, 2020
Vespa hire in Rome is enjoying a boom time as tourists seek to relive the famous scenes from Roman Holiday - the famous film featuring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn. The Hollywood actors have been immortalised in the photo and…

Vespa toys: how to make a Vespa with paper

12 April, 2020
Let’s take a step back in time to the 60’s and take a ride in the seat of a Vespa 150. Or not… this cute toy in British style comes from Paper Replika and is a recreation of a Vespa,…

Milan invaded by bees: six hours to free a Vespa

10 April, 2020
In a hilarious play on words, Milan was yesterday invaded by bees, with a bunch of them settling on a Vespa scooter in Piazza San Babila. The word for bee in Italian - “ape” - is also used for the…

The Piaggio Museum

9 April, 2020
If you ever have the chance to visit Italy, especially the Florence and Pisa area in Tuscany, why not take some time to visit the Museo Piaggio “Giovanni Alberto Agnelli” in Pontedera . The museum has halls that display Vespa…

2009 Vespa Vintage Catalogue

9 April, 2020
If you’re a proud owner of a classic and vintage Vespa, you’ll be more than happy when you read this press release from Piaggio.Riders and restorers of classic Vespa scooters no longer need to play Russian roulette when buying spare…