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Driving in rome

Parking in Rome pics: Italian minivan drivers

22 April, 2020
Italian drivers might have a bad reputation overseas, but I’m going to say they are the world’s greatest parkers of cars I’ve ever seen. I have seen vehicles get into spaces you never thought even a motorcycle would fit. But…

Rome vintage Vespa tours: scooter hire in Rome

12 April, 2020
Vespa hire in Rome is enjoying a boom time as tourists seek to relive the famous scenes from Roman Holiday - the famous film featuring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn. The Hollywood actors have been immortalised in the photo and…

The real Italy: interview with taxi driver in Rome

8 April, 2020
Who better than a cab driver to tell the story of a city? In Rome and Milan, we start a series of interviews with Italian taxi drivers, to glean the character of these complex and fascinating Italian cities.Two different cities,…

Pictures from Italy: parking in Rome

19 March, 2020
Driving in Italy wouldn’t be complete without experiencing Rome’s traffic and laissez faire parking rules. In the following gallery of pictures from Italy you will see everything from a police car occupying the pedestrian crossing, to multiple large and expensive…