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Parking in Rome pics: Italian minivan drivers

Italian drivers might have a bad reputation overseas, but I’m going to say they are the world’s greatest parkers of cars I’ve ever seen.
I have seen vehicles get into spaces you never thought even a motorcycle would fit.
But in the case the car really won’t fit, most Italians will leave it at angles, sticking over pedestrian crossings, corners and footpaths.

I have never had the pleasure of driving in Rome but I imagine it to be a very tense experience and one best left to battle-hardened locals.
In these pics of driving and parking in Italy, we see the Roman minivan drivers get away with anything in their daily challenge to actually make deliveries and get to the next job.
We understand from our colleagues at 06blog.
it that even on asking them to move the van, most drivers with yell something in Roman dialect, which varies from “I’ll only be a minute” to “I’m not just playing around here”, which we take to mean: “I’m working, and you?” See all the pics from the love-hate relationship between locals and their minivan drivers.

Parking in Rome pics: Italian minivan drivers

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