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Summer Holidays: Cala Goloritzè in Sardinia

Just a few days ago I came across this video on youtube and was taken aback by the beauty of it.
It showed the Gulf Of Orosei In Sardinia; a piece of heaven fallen to earth.
Miles and miles of white sand and crystal blue waters that enchant and mesmerise the eye.

Actually the beach I saw in the video has a name; people call it Cala Goliritzè and it’s located just north of Arbatax and beyond Capo Monte Santo on the eastern coast of Sardinia.
The place was declared ‘ Monumento nazionale ‘ in 1995 which means that the whole area is now protected by law.

The small cove at the foot of a series of high cliffs is astonishingly beautifu and can be reached only on foot or by boat.
An uncontaminated beach that seems to have come out of a dream.

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