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Johnny Depp accuses Amber Heard of being a calculating sociopath

Depp fights in court against his ex-wife after she ruines his reputation accusing him of attacking her in a series of drug-fuelled rages.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's marriage
The unhappy marriage of Jhonny Depp and Amber Heard.

The star of the Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny Depp, reveals that the marriage with his ex-wife, Amber Heard is incredibly unhappy. He also said that Ms Heard is calculating, sociopathic and emotionally dishonest. He claimed the end of his finger was sliced off by a shard of glass after ex- wife Amber Heard hurled a vodka bottle at him during an explosive row.

Johnny Depp’s accusations against his ex-wife Amber Heard

Depp and Ms Heard came to London’s High Court on Tuesday. The 57-year-old man is battling for his reputation and career, after Ms Heard accused him of attacking her in a series of drug-fuelled rages.
Surely, he denies being violent. However he revealed that the 34-year-old woman was the abusive one and cheated on him repeatedly with actor James Franco and Tesla founder Elon Musk.

She is expected to tell the court that he injured the finger himself after smashing a telephone. Referring to the incident in Australia in March 2015, when Ms Heard also claims that the actor attacked her Depp said that the only person who was harmed in Australia, grievously so, was him.

Depp’s version of the story

He told the whole story, “Ms Heard threw a vodka bottle at me. It cut my finger off when the bottle exploded on the bar on which my hand was resting. I tried not to react, so I got up and slowly walked around the bar, grabbed another, bigger bottle of vodka and poured myself another glass.”

Depp added “This enraged Ms Heard further and she came over and grabbed the bottle from me. I then swung round behind the bar stool. Ms Heard threw that bottle at me as hard as she could from a fairly short distance. The bottle smashed against my hand, which was resting on the marble top of the bar, severing the top of my finger and fracturing multiple bones.”
“Despite the severity of this injury, Ms Heard continued shouting at me and then proceeded to put a cigarette out on my right cheek. Initially, I did not feel the pain in my finger but felt some warmth. I then noticed that the top of my finger was missing. I was essentially looking at my bones,” he explained.
“When Ms Heard saw this, she realised the severity of what she had done and she then freaked out and began shouting,” said Depp.

He added the injury was “very severe” and required “a significant amount of medical attention”. Then he continued,” The severity of these injuries brought about the personal realisation of the severity of the abuse that Ms Heard had inflicted upon me for so long. I couldn’t believe that we had come to this. I wondered what more she could do to me.”

The dispute

The bitter dispute is set to continue for three weeks. The pair sitting just yards from each other in a cramped, ancient courtroom at the Royal Courts of Justice. Two of Depp’s exes, Chanel model Vanessa Paradis and Stranger Things star Winona Ryder, are set to give evidence for him.
The star gave evidence for more than four hours and his testimony will continue for at least two more days.

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