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Harry Brant, Stephanie Seymour’s son, dies of a drug overdose

Harry Brant, Stephanie Seymour's son, has died at the age of 24 from a drug overdose.

Harry Brant, Stephanie Seymour’s son, has died at the age of 24 from a drug overdose, a matter of days before he was set to return to rehab.

Harry Brant dead at 24

The model, who is the son of supermodel Stephanie Seymour and billionaire husband Peter Brant, died from an accidental prescription drug overdose but had a long history of addiction.

His family released a statement saying: “We will forever be saddened that his life was cut short by this devastating disease. He achieved a lot in his 24 years, but we will never get the chance to see how much more Harry could have done. Harry was not just our son. He was also a wonderful brother, loving grandson, favorite uncle and a caring friend. He was a creative, loving and powerful soul that brought light into so many people’s hearts. He was truly a beautiful person inside and out.”

Harry Brant was known for experimenting with gender in fashion, and founded a unisex makeup line together with his brother Peter II.

Harry had discussed the pressures of youth and how it inspired his unisex approach to fashion in an interview with W Magazine saying: “I really think that once you leave high school, you realize that being normal is something that people want to shy away from, and the more true you are to yourself and the more individual you are, the more people are inherently attracted to you.”

For his final column for Interview Magazine, Harry interviewed fashion designer Marc Jacob about dismantling the stigma attached to men wearing make-up. He wrote in the piece: “Have you ever wondered why society has reserved makeup for the fairer sex? For generations, men who dared to disrupt this silly taboo not only had their masculinity questioned, but were more often than not met with a barrage of shaming, harassment, and ridicule.”

Brant was arrested in 2016 for refusing to pay a cab fare in Greenwich, Connecticut, and charged with larceny, interfering with an officer and drug possession.


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