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Calendar 2021, the palindrome dates of this year will be 22

In 2021, some curiosities will be waiting for us, including 22 palindrome dates that can be read in both directions.

Calendar 2021 palindrome dates
Calendar 2021 palindrome dates

Among the curiosities that will await us in 2021 there are certainly the 22 palindrome dates – ten consecutive – present in this year’s calendar.As many as 22 dates that it will be possible to read both from right to left and from left to right without alterations of meaning.

Calendar 2021, the 22 palindrome dates

However, it is necessary to specify that the aforementioned palindrome dates exist thanks to the particular system of notation of the days present in the United States, for which the date always begins with the indication of the current month instead of the day as in Europe.

Therefore, the date of 19 January 2021 in the US will be transcribed as 1/19/2021, while in Europe as 19/1/2021. Following the American notation, here is that the first palindroma date of 2021 will fall just next January 20, coinciding with the inauguration ceremony of the President-elect of the United States Joe Biden.

The other dates that will take place in the first month of 2021 will be 21 January, 22 January, 23 January, 24 January, 25 January, 26 January, 27 January, 28 January and 29 January. In the following month, the date of the first of February will be palindroma, while in the last month of the year the dates of December 11 and December 22 will be palindrome.

Finding the 22 palindrome dates was the professor of the University of Portland Aziz Inan, who for more than a decade has been studying this kind of phenomena: “The only two years in a century that contain 22 palindrome dates are those that end with 11 and 21. The year 2011 had 22 and in the next century will be found in 2111 and 2121“.

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