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Italian cooking: traditional regional vs national dishes – who wins?

23 April, 2020
Italian cooking will also celebrate 150 years of Italian unification this year, but the regionalism associated with traditional Italian recipes and dishes nearly always outweighs a nationalist interpretation of Italian cuisine. Over recent weeks, as Italy celebrated the date of…

Italian tv host Michelle Hunziker on women in politics

12 April, 2020
In the interview given to A magazine, Michelle Hunziker, talks at length about the role of women in politics. Women - she says - should unite and work together effectively on common causes and this independently from their political faith!…

Eva Enger: from porn movies to primetime tv shows

26 March, 2020
Eva Hengels was born in Gyor, Hungary, on 2nd November 1972. She was elected Miss Hungary at 17. With this title under her belt, Eva landed a few jobs as a model, but her career got a boost in 1991…