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Non-essential shops reopen, long queues outside

Non-essential shops are allowed to reopen after 3 months: in spite of many physical shop could close, there were long queues outside clothes store.

long queues non-essential shop

Non-essential shops reopen after a three months shutdown, long queues outside the Primark stores across England of people waiting to make purchases.

Non-essential shops reopen with queues

After three months struggling to flatten the curve of infection, the UK Government decided to open non-essential shops. There were many people neatly lined up outside the cheap clothes shop in Birmingham, Derby, Liverpool e Nottingham. Believe it, there is some cost that non-food retailers £1.7bn a week in lost sales, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Helen Dickinson, the chief executive of the British Retail Consortium (BRC), said that even as retailers reopened there was “still a risk that many physical shops could end up closing their doors again – only this time, permanently”. However, a survey of American Express estimated that 72% of independent retailers are going to reopen after the shutdown in March.

It is because the lockdown makes an entire fashion season wiped out. AllSaints, which is asking its landlords for steep rent cuts, using an insolvency process known as a company voluntary arrangement (CVA), at its 40 UK stores so it can ride out the storm.

The rules that shops must follow

Even though non-essential shops reopen, they should follow some guidance to keep the staff and customer safe from pandemic. The guidance to maintain is two-meters social distancing and encourage to use contactless payments where possible. They should also discourage the touching of products and ensure any items being returned are quarantined for 72 hours.

Because of this pandemic, shopping will never be the same again and is likely to change the future of retail, John Lewis and Partners told. Northern Ireland allowed shops to reopen on Friday. Non-essential shops in Scotland and Wales remain closed for now.


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