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Covid: deaths rise by just 77, the lowest daily toll since lockdown began

The deaths of UK due to Covid rises only by 77 cases, it is the lowest daily toll since the lockdown measures: first time below the threshold of 100 cases.

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uk covid lowest death toll

Today, The UK’s number of death has grown only by 77 cases connected to Covid-19 . The death toll increase is the lowest since lockdown began on March 23. Based on government statistics, the number registered deaths has fallen under 100 over the time frame for the first time.

Covid, the lowest daily toll since lockdown began

The statistics show that the number of deaths regularly drops on weekends. Also, the numbers do not embody all deaths due to Covid-19 across the UK.

Health secretary Matt Hancock insisted that the government “took the right decisions at the right time”. This statement came up after his quarrel with a leading scientist who said that the lockdown’s timingcost lives” and that “relaxing” now would increase dramatically the number of cases reaching a new peak.

UK’s death toll by country

Scotland has recorded no new death on Sunday, after a total of 2,415 patients have died in the country. Then in Northern Ireland, the death toll remained unchanged after 537 death cases. However Wales still registered five more deaths reaching the figure 1,398 deceased.

Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) indicated that the test results shows 1,326 people positive for Covid-19 across the UK. On Saturday, the number of tests execute was 142,123 according to estimates.

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