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Boris Johnson to Black Lives Matter protests: “I hear you”

The Prime Minister of UK, Boris Johnson supportive towards Black Lives Matter protests: "I hear you". Also he warned about the risk of virus spreading.

boris johnson
boris johnson i hear you to Black lives Matter

Boris Johnson replied to the Black Lives Matter protests by an article. PM has expressed the “incontrovertible, undeniable feeling of injustice” behind the rallies, at the same time denouncing who took advantage to violate social distancing during a “time of national trial”.

Boris Johnson said “I hear you”

In order to respond to the protests, he utilized the section in The Voice, and consequently he read the text, with an high tone of voice, in a video. Johnson said, “The death of George Floyd took place thousands of miles away – in another country, under another jurisdiction – and yet we simply cannot ignore the depth of emotion that has been triggered by that spectacle, of a black man losing his life at the hands of the police”.

The UK Prime Minister also added: “In this country and around the world his dying words – I can’t breathe – have awakened an anger and a widespread and incontrovertible, undeniable feeling of injustice, a feeling that people from black and minority ethnic groups do face discrimination: in education, in employment, in the application of the criminal law.”

Johnson also manifested that we are all right to say Black Lives Matter and for all those who have gathered to protest with peace and maintained on social distancing, he confirmed his availability on listening and understanding.

Johnson on Black Lives Matter protests about virus risks

Then he also said that we should be mindful because we have fought a lethal virus for months, “After such sacrifice, we cannot now let it get out of control.” PM continued: “So no, I will not support those who flout the rules on social distancing, for the obvious reason that we risk a new infection at a critical time and just as we have made huge progress.”

Johnson joined Priti Patel, the home secretary, in what he defined “hooliganism” confirming that those connected would face the charges in court. “Those who attack public property or the police, who injure the police officers who are trying to keep us all safe, those people will face the full force of the law,” he ended.

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