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Schools may not reopen until after September

Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary talked about the schools' reopen which may not happen until after September.

matt hancock
matt hancock school reopen september

The health secretary alluded that schools may reopen entirely until after September. Educators, who leaked preoccupation, said that it may be impossible to force social distancing rules on a full classrooms.

The main plan is to reopen in September

Primary schools in the UK can back to school but for year six, year one and reception-aged children. However, Unions manifested concern and a number of councils decline to request schools to reopen due to the impossibility to safeguard teachers and students from Covid-19.

Then, Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, has suggested that returning in class may be less likely when the academic year starts. He also stated that resume education in September is the “current working plan.”

Mr Hancock also said “I very much hope that they can because the impact on children’s education is so significant. But what we have to do, not only in schools, but right across the board, is work out how we can get the other things that matter going. Like schools, like hospitality, especially outdoor hospitality, like retail. And get them going safely and carefully, in a way that doesn’t lead to the spread of the virus, and that is going to require ingenuity.”

Assessment on schools reopen

Meantime, a source at the Department for Education communicated that the “intention is to have business as usual in all schools come September” nevertheless revealed there is uncertainty since the infection rate does not allow to have guarantees,

Dr Patrick Roach, General Secretary of teachers Union NASUWT, insisted education suppliers to “fulfill their duty of care to staff and pupils by rethinking plans for the wider reopening of schools in their region” afterwards.

Anyhow, Mr Hancock, asserted that councils and schools wrongly looked at “just one model” when taking into account the pupils’ comeback to schools.

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