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Matt Hancock claims the Government has operated better after Dominic Cummings’ resignation

Boris Johnson's former top adviser Dominic Cummings resigned in November, since then, according to Heath Secretary Matt Hancock, the Government managed to handle the pandemic better.

"British Government benefited from Mr Cummings' ferewell", claimed Mr Hancock

The British Government benefited from the resignation of Boris Johnson’s former top adviser Dominic Cummings, said Matt Hancock. The Health Secretary has also stressed how the government has controlled the Covid crisis better since November. He told MPs: “Government has operated better over the past six months”.

Put it differently, Mr Hancock claimed the Government has operated better after the resignation of Mr Cummings. Prime Minister’s top adviser left No 10 in November indeed.

Matt Hancock claims the Government has operated better after Dominic Cummings resignation

Moreover, the current Health Secretary rejected the allegations Mr Cummings made in occasion of his parliamentary select committee hearing on Thursday. Mr Hancock commented he has “no idea” why Mr Cummings attacked him. But instead, he in turn accused Mr Cummings of holding press briefings against him.

To the question of whether Mr Cummings was aware of Mr Johnson’s intention to fire him, Mr Hancock answered yes. He said: “Yes – because he briefed the newspapers at the time. Somebody briefed the newspapers. I now have a better idea of who it was.

About the allegations Mr Cummings made at the committee, he said: “It is telling that no evidence has been provided yet.”

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