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Matt Hancock to face the charges of Dominic Cummings

Today Matt Hancock will defend himself from the accusations by Dominic Cumming.

Matt Hancock against Dominic Cummings' accusations
Secretary Matt Hancock

Secretary Matt Hancock will have to face Mps because of the accusations of Dominic Cummings. The man, in fact, claims that Hancock deserved to be fired on at least 15 or 20 occasions.

Matt Hancock and the accusations by Dominic Cummings

It is precisely today, Thursday 27 May, that Matt Hancock will face the Members of Parliament. That’s because of the accusations made by Mr Cummings. He says that the secretary would have lied to his colleagues and dealt with the situation during the pandemic in a disastrous way. The man also claims that Hancock deserved to be fired on many occasions, about 15 or 20.

The former Chief of Staff at Downing Street also believes that the role of Prime Minister was not suitable for Hancock. The reason is that, because of all the government’s misrepresentations, many people have died in vain.

Hancock, however, didn’t have the opportunity to witness these statements by Cummings on Wednesday. In fact, he said he was engaged in other business, such as vaccines. And so today he will make a statement in which he will express his thoughts and defend himself.

Meps will therefore ask him about some of his behaviour. However, one of his spokesmen revealed that the accusations are surreal and that they will reject them all. Meanwhile Downing Street says that Hancock and Boris Johnson are continuing to work hard to deal with the pandemic.

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