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Animal Welfare Bill: Parliament voted for tougher sentencing

The Animal Welfare Bill will raise the maximum penalty, up to five years imprisonment, for those guilty of charges related to animal cruelty.

Animal welfare bill
Animal welfare bill

The Animal Welfare Bill will raise the maximum penalty for those guilty of charges related to animal cruelty in Wales. The sentences will go from six months in prison and an unlimited fine, to five years imprisonment. The bill was requested by Dave Wardell and his dog Finn.

They work for a charity that aims to provide financial support to families who adopt retired police dogs.

The Animal Welfare Bill

Former Police Officer, Dave Wardell launched the Finn’s Law campaign after his German Shepher Finn was stabbed while working.

It was 2016, and Finn, stabbed in the head and chest, almost died.

The second part of Finn’s Law wanted tougher sentences fot those who commit animal cruelty, up to five years in prison.

Dave stated that he’s overjoyed that the Finn’s Bill has passed and it will soon became law. He’s also thrilled that the horrible experience that Finn lived has paved the way for change.

Laws protecting animals

The changes in the law cam after a petition that requested the government to make dog theft a specific crime. The rise in dog thefts is connected to the high demand for puppies causes by the Covid pandemic. This higher number of requests has also led to a surge in prices.

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