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Covid, hospital admissions are peaking again

Ambulances are under pressure as hospital admissions are increasing sharply, reaching April peak.

ambulances are working unceasingly
ms cornery appeals to brexit

London Ambulances are working unceasingly and hospital admissions due to Covid are increasing. Figures show that hospitalisation numbers are similar to the April peak.

Hospital admissions are peaking because of Covid

According to official figures, there were 21,286 Covid patients hospitalised on December 22th.

On April 12th, the peak was of 21,683. However, Brits are hopeful since AstraZeneca CEO appeared confident of the goodness of the jab.

Covid is currently spreading fast in London, in Essex and in other areas of the South East of England. Deputy chief executive of NHS Providers Saffron Cordery talked also about ambulances. “Part of the issue is many more people coming through the door with Covid, but also people coming through the door with other conditions as well”.

In particular, the London Ambulance Service received 7,918 calls during Boxing Day, 2,500 more than last year. “Like NHS organisations across the country, demand for our services has risen sharply over the past weeks and we are now taking up to 8,000 999 calls a day compared to 5,500 on a typical busy day. Our colleagues in emergency departments are also under pressure receiving our patients as quickly as they can“.

Covid reproduction rate is currently above 1, so scientists have warned Johnson to take stricter measures in January, in order to tackle the circulation.

Lastly, Ms Cordery appealed to the Brits, asking them to “heeds the new rules and restrictions in the run-up to the New Year an beyond”.

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