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Scientists warn UK government not to reopen schools in January

Concern about the new Covid strain is skyrocketing, thus Britain must be cautious and avoid the spread.

schools not to reopen
scientists want national lockdown

As apprehension about the new Covid strain rises, scientists have told the UK government not to reopen schools in January.

UK, scientists want to shut down schools in January

Scientists suggested UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to keep schools closed in January.

He should also set another national lockdown, stricter than the one in November, in order not to get the new Covid variant out of control.

In fact, the SAGE group said that the Covid reproduction rate will surge above 1 in January even with a november-styled lockdown. As a consequence, Johnson must take stronger measures.

Thus, secondary institutes must be shut down since they have a bigger impact than the primary. For the time being, Johnson said he will resume teaching in presence if possible.

However, Department of Education will visit Downing Street to decide about the future of secondary education. During the SAGE meeting, scientists also expressed apprehension about the new Covid variant that recenlty traveled from UK to South Africa. Apparently, the South African strain spreads even more quickly than the English one.

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