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British tourists fled a Swiss ski resort to escape the quarantine

The Verbier hoteliers asked them to self-isolate following the discovery of a new variant of the coronavirus in the UK.

Brits fled Swiss ski resort

Hundreds of British tourists fled an exclusive Swiss ski resort. This came after the hoteliers asked them to self-isolate following the discovery of a highly infectious variant of the coronavirus in the UK.

British tourists fled a Swiss ski resort

Hoteliers in Verbier told at least half of the 420 tourists who had been quarantine have left the Little London resort, well known in Britain because of its popularity with British skiers.

On December 21, Swiss authorities had ordered anyone arriving from the UK after December 14 to quarantine for 10 days. This was necessary because of the discovery of a new Covid-19 strain in Kent and London.

Jean-Marc Sandoz, a spokesman for the Bagnes municipality, said many of them stayed in quarantine for a day before they set off unnoticed. He also added some hoteliers had noticed their British guests had left after they failed to answer calls to their rooms or left meals deposited outside their rooms untouched. Moreover, some later contacted the hotels to understand if they needed to pay for nights they had initially booked.

Switzerland controversy about the open ski resorts

At the same time, Switzerland caused controversy by deciding, despite the pandemic, to keep its ski resorts open.

Some Swiss believe that the decision was a mistake. Others are angry, because Brits have been enthusiastic winter visitors for decades. Now, they feel tourists have abused the hospitality offered to them.

Scientists say the new Covid-19 strain first spotted in the UK is more infectious than the one responsible for the pandemic. However, it is not necessarily more dangerous for those infected.

The new variant has already been detected in Switzerland and several other countries. Another new variant emerged in South Africa this month and has spread elsewhere.

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