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Holidays : High prices on the coast, Cyprus no restrictions for vaccinated

From 17 May the British will be able to travel abroad. Prices start to rise and in Cyprus there will be no restrictions for vaccinated.

Coast of Cyprus

People in England may be allowed to stay in tourist resorts from 12 April, while holidays abroad may be allowed from 17 May, but may involve some restrictions such as preventive isolation.

According to the results of a new analysis, the prices of bathing areas increased by 35% compared to last year. This is because the decision of the government has led many people to book their stay and as a result the resorts have taken advantage of the positive wave to set higher prices. For example a small one bedroom apartment in Brighton increases £53 per night to £127 per night.

Holidays in Cyprus: the advantages of vaccinated British

It’s official: from 1 May, Cyprus authorizes the British who have already undergone the vaccine to spend the holidays in the area without any restrictions. Those who received both doses, therefore, do not even have to submit a negative test to enter the area. However, the authorities will be able to carry out random tests on foreign arrivals on a random basis.

If Cyprus has established this, however, the British government has decided that the date for people’s first trips abroad is 17 May – as mentioned before – provided that four tests are met. All those who travel to Cyprus must have received vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency and must have received the second dose at least 7 days before the trip.

Why the British tourists?

British tourists represent for Cyprus the largest market in the tourism sector, which now wants to focus on visits by foreigners to recover everything he lost due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Fortunately, thanks to various lockdowns and blockages imposed, the island managed to discreetly contain the spread of the virus, suffering a pandemic lighter than many other countries.

It is expected that by the end of July all British citizens will have received at least one dose of vaccine, so the Cyprus plan to enhance British tourism could be implemented in practice, whereas nearly 21 million people have already received their first dose.

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