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“Hostile environment”: two LGBT advisors leave office

Jayne Ozanne and James Morton, LGBT advisors have decided to resign after criticising ministers for equal opportunities and an hostile environment.


Jayne Ozanne and James Morton have decided to resign after harshly criticising Liz Truss and Kemi Badenoch, ministers for equal opportunities.

LGBT : The resignation of the two advisors

The first of the two advisors resigned on Wednesday and was Jayne Ozanne, who accused and criticized Boris Johnson’s government for creating a “hostile environment” towards LGBT people.

She also criticized the two ministers, Liz Truss and Kemi Badenoch, as “ignorant” on key issues of vital importance.

Mrs Ozanne, who describes herself as a gay evangelical Christian, revealed that Mrs Truss and Mrs Badenoch were known in the LGBT community as the “ministers of inequality”.

She states that she doesn’t believe that they understand LGBT and trans people, because their actions seemed to go against their advice. The advisor Ozanne then said that the reason that led her to the decision to resign was a debate in Parliament on the gay conversion process. The resignation came just as a group of nearly 20 LGBT+ organizations would turn to Mrs Badenoch to express concern about her response to calls to ban conversion therapy. This deeply disturbed the petitioners, added to the fact that the minister did not mention the protection of trans people at all, despite the fact that this is the group most at risk.

Following this, the Government Equality Office also confirmed the resignation of James Morton, who was manager of the Scottish Trans Alliance. According to reports from the BBC, he stated that he had been concerned for many months about the fact that Liz Truss and the other ministers did not commit to LGBT equality, stating that they appear not to have committed themselves to doing anything useful or helping trans people (in political terms).

Meanwhile, a government spokesman said that the government is committed to building a country where everyone can live their life freely, regardless of their religion, race or sexuality, and that they will take steps to end it, in a short time, to conversion therapy.

But it is to be hoped that this will be achieved through a clear plan, that it will not ignore the impact of discrimination and that it will no longer give way.


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