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Harry and Meghan: Buckingham Palace and accusations of racism

Accusations of racism for the Royal Family following the shocking statements of Harry and Meghan regarding the color of the skin of the firstborn.

Buckingham Palace

After Oprah’s interview for the CBS television channel, Buckingham Palace is in a situation of pressure due to allegations of racism by the couple. Among the many statements of Harry and Meghan (including the news of waiting for a baby that will be born in a few months), this is the one that has left the most amazed anyone who has watched or listened to the interview, and in no time has traveled around the world.

Buckingham palace : The shocking statement

After such a statement, the entire royal palace was faced with a situation of extreme and unexpected pressure. The couple stated that someone within the family would be concerned about how dark the skin color of their eldest son Archie would be.

Although it is inferred that neither the Queen nor the Duke were responsible for this claim, Harry and Meghan refused to identify the family member involved, and this holds multiple suspicions about the royal members. Harry, in fact, said that it was not his grandparents who made the racist comment, but that he would not even reveal who it came from.

Meghan explained that being Archie of mixed race, he would be denied the title of prince, although according to current protocol, being a grandson of a sovereign, the title was automatically up to him. The couple, however, revealed that they had been told that these rules would be changed, in favor of a reduced monarchy (in line with Charles’ plan), thus weakening Archie’s title and protection. But Meghan says it’s not their right to make these decisions. Just racism was one of the main causes that pushed the couple to leave Britain: this doesn’t mean that the UK is bigoted, but instead the press and the tabloids.

If Boris Johnson preferred not to comment on the matter, the shadow secretary for education, Kate Green, told Sky News that Harry and Meghan’s statements were distressing and shocking. For this reason he invited the building to investigate and then opened an investigation into allegations of bullying allegedly advanced by the palace staff against Meghan.

Other statements

Meghan, among other things, recounted her difficulties inside the Palace, telling how, at one point, she thought of suicide. She said that although she asked for help, she was denied it because it would not benefit the institution.

Harry criticized his father, saying he was disappointed. The couple, after announcing resignation as royalty, were cut financially.

Among other claims, it is disproved that Meghan had torn Kate to tears before her marriage to Harry, but in reality the opposite would have happened. Again, the institution did not defend Meghan and officials lied to protect the other royals.
Another revelation is that the couple secretly married a few days before the formal wedding. Their second child will be a female and will be the last.

Harry revealed that no one in the royal family had been disappointed that the couple had left the real life because they felt they had no support.

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