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AstraZeneca suspended in several countries, but the UK defends it

British leaders and doctors continue to defend the AstraZeneca vaccine and they think there is not enough reason to suspend it.

Boris Johnson

Some European countries have temporarily suspended injections of the Astrazeneca vaccine such as France, Germany, Italy and Spain , due to concerns that there may be a link with blood clots.

AstraZeneca vaccine: British continue to defends

British leaders and doctors continue to defend the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine despite its temporary suspension in several European countries due to concern over cases of blood clots. Vaccine also suspended in Ireland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Bulgaria, Thailand and Iceland.

Boris Johnson said he saw no reason to stop the vaccine, and even Dr Michael Mcbride, chief medical officer of Northern Ireland, urged citizens to remain confident about the vaccine. He himself underwent the first dose just last Monday.

Even Mrs Sturgeon said that there is no evidence linking the vaccine to blood clots and is ready, as soon as it is her turn, to administer the dose.

Meanwhile, EMA, the European Medicines Agency, has stated that the number of blood clot events in vaccinated people does not appear to exceed the number in the general population. EMA continues to examine all the data and to collaborate with the company and authorities including the UK Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to hold next Thursday a reunion in order to define eventual actions. Sig. Johnson is confident that MRHA is very strict and experienced and that at the moment he sees no reason to discontinue the AstraZeneca vaccine.

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