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Bristol protest stopped by riot police

Riot police pulled over a protest last night in Bristol and arrested 14 people.

Riot police

On 23 march 2021 night , a large number of riot police stopped a protest in Bristol that converged at College Green.

Riot police interrupts the protest in Bristol

Riot police stopped a violent protest: about 130 people gathered in protest against the government’s new bill on police and crime, and for the moment 14 of them were arrested.

The protesters had even set up tents in the street and installed a sound system that emitted the songs “shame on you” and “our street”.

Among the people arrested, one was arrested for crimes related to violent incidents on Sunday. To avert the riot, were deployed National Police Air Service, canine units, horses and a police drone unit.

The crowd dispersed from College Green after a police intervention, which states that a large number of people gathered in Deanery Road refused to move.

Superintendent Claire Armes said that it was difficult to disperse the crowd and move people, because having installed sound system and tents, they had absolutely no intention of moving, but rather wanted to stay in that point. He expresses how disappointing it is to have had to take this action on a very important day, when we remember the victims of Covid 19.

Police intervention took place two days after another similar protest, which turned violent, led to chaotic scenes in Bristol. 21 police officers were injured and some vehicles were set on fire.

The police investigating the weekend protest released photos of 10 people who took part. About 3,000 people joined the College Green demonstration, but the situation became violent when about 500 people went down to the New Bridewell police station.

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