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Post Brexit fishing: tensions increase in Jersey

Tensions increase between France and Jersey due to deals since Brexit.

Tensions increase

Fishing tensions continue and increase in Jersey. In fact seventy boats from France gathered near the port of Saint Helier to claim fishing rights. Some of these boats detonated rockets and some even say that a blockade of maritime radios took place.

Fishing tensions still increase

Tensions have increased and with them the number of boats claiming their fishing rights. In fact, two ships of the Royal Navy visited the site to monitor and control. One of them (HMS Tamar) has a platform for helicopters and machine guns and monitored the protest at a distance together. But there’s also HMS Severn navy. In the meantime citizens and law enforcement observe the protests from the shore.

All these tensions take hold shortly after the French Minister Annick Girardin accused the island of not issuing fishing licences to the French. So he threatened Paris with retaliatory measures. Mathieu Vimard, Deputy Director of the Normandy Fishermen’s Organisation, also believes that the French should assert their rights and apply for their fishing licences.

However, Ian Gorst, the Jersey Minister for External Relations, says that the island is following the agreements it has made with the European Union. For this reason it considers that the reactions of the French are rather disproportionate and exaggerated.

Boris Johnson also expressed support for Jersey after speaking with Gorst. A comparison between the island and France is considered necessary in order to find new agreements peacefully.

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