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Amazon: new jobs and training

The big giant: Amazon is going to expand into the UK with new centers.

Amazon expands in UK

The big giant Amazon expands in the UK: it opens new sites and hires new employees. It also wants to invest in their training, so that they have more and more new skills. The country’s workforce will visibly increase by the year.

Amazon ready to expand in UK

Amazon’s goal is to generate about 10,000 new jobs and increase the UK workforce by the year. In this way employees will have the opportunity to participate in training courses and acquire more skills. It will invest about £10 million over three years to train up to 5,000 employees

The company will open four new distribution centers and a parcel center. So it expands the delivery network. It also generates new tasks dealing with computer science, health, finance, engineering, etc. The roles, therefore, are really many, Amazon assures that even the gains are excellent. Jobs are also held in the company’s offices, particularly in Cambridge, Edinburgh, London and Manchester.

The country manager said that Amazon will work with the British Chambers of Commerce to generate skilled and experienced workers. This would also promote the local economy. The investment is crucial, according to the manager, for retail, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, in this period of difficulty and uncertainty, Amazon has made sure to always ensure safety to its customers.

This beautiful initiative, therefore, will not only benefit Amazon, but also the British economy and citizens and to all those who want to take this opportunity.

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