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Met made 100 arrests in one day for violence against women

After Sarah Everard's terrible murder, police decided to make London's streets safer.

Sarah Everard

Yesterday the Metropolitan police has made almost 100 arrests for violence against women. The Met has indeed decide to crack down on gender-based violence in the wake of Sarah Everard’s horrible murder.

Marketing executive Ms Everard disappeared in Clapham Common, south London on March 3.

The 33-years-old was walking home from a friend’s flat, when she was kidnapped and then killed. Ms Everard’s case caused a massive public outcry to which the Met decided to provide a strong response.

100 arrests in one day for violence against women

Hundred of officers throughout the city of London went after wanted assaulter and guarded public spaces to make people feel safer. Numerous arrest warrants have been issued and already known offenders have been subjected to compliance checks and visits, in order to avoid other assaults.

Ninety-nine suspects have been charged with domestic violence and sexual assault against women as result of the crackdown. Then, officers took them into custody in various police stations.

Moreover, coronavirus lockdown made thins worse for victims of domestic violence. Since they weren’t allowed to leave home, they didn’t have any chance to escape from their abusers.

Met Commander Catherine Roper spoke about the issue: “It takes a lot of courage to come forward. Every single part of society must make it clear this absolutely intolerable behaviour. Violence against women and girls can include coercive behaviour, physical violence, a whole range of behaviours.

“We have listened to our communities and are dedicating extra resources to make London feel safe for everybody. Our view is London is safe. If you are worried or have become a victim of any type of abuse or violence, we will take it seriously.”

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