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Covid, Boris Johnson could ease the lockdown before May 7

Contrary to what was announced in recent press conferences, the lockdown could be deleted before May 7.

covid lockdown cold be ease befor may 7
the PM has expressed the possibility to ease the lockdown

According to the reports, contrary to what was announced in recent press conferences, Boris Johnson could announce plans to ease the UK’s Covid lockdown before May 7. The source report that he might ‘modify’ parts of the lockdown measures before May 7 – and even as early as this week. Rather than lifting the lockdown, modifying will be great to change the lockdown’s style.

Covid: Boris Johnson to ease lockdown before May 7

But Health Minister Edward Argar said that we’re not out of the woods yet and “now is not the time to ease up”. He also added that he has seen a lot of speculation in the papers and beyond in recent days. But the reality is “we’re not there yet”. The Prime Minister’s big concern is avoiding a second peak, which would require a second lockdown.

He is clear that we cannot afford to do anything which would mean losing control of the rate of infection because that would mean more people dying. It would also mean a return to the lockdown, which would be damaging to public trust and terrible for business. Professor Powis said the lockdown has “begun to pay off” but warned cases could soar and there could be a second wave if Britons start to be complacent.

Mr. Powis said: “All our efforts, hard though they may be, have begun to pay off. But he said it would only continue to pay off if we continue to comply with social distancing measures. My fear, as the fear of all of us, is that those curves won’t continue to be on a downtrend but will start to go in an upward trend. We are not at a point where any of us can be absolutely confident that is not going to be the case – we want to avoid a second peak, we want to avoid a rise. I can’t emphasize enough that this is not the time to say we’ve done a good job.”

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