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US Election 2020: would a Trump or Biden win be better for the UK?

The US Election is still raging on with a winner yet to be announced but which presidential candidate would actually benefit Britain?

trump biden
trump biden

The US Election is still raging on with a winner yet to be announced but which candidate would actually benefit Britain? We lay out the cases for both Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Donald Trump or Joe Biden?

According to a source who has been dealing with the White House, in the immediate future, a pro-UK ally like Donald Trump would make it easier to get trade deal with the US and maintain diplomatic ties.

Although in the long term, current presidential frontrunner Joe Biden would make a better ally because the UK’s standing in the world is based on its participation in institutions and alliances such as the Paris Agreement which focuses on climate change, a treaty which Trump withdrew from.

Another source believes that the Britain that “Trump loves is the country of the royal family and Winston Churchill, not modern Britain.” That said, Boris Johnson and Donald Trump have an undeniable chemistry with Trump praising Johnson in the past.

Nevertheless, the relationship with Biden would likely have instant problems. Joe Biden believes that Brexit is “nuts” and sees the UK government as too similar to Trump’s. Biden publicly declared his opposition to the UK’s controversial Internal Market Bill.

With regards to a trade deal, both candidates would have the same commercial interests and will wan to make the most of potential opportunities in the UK.

If Biden wins, all work on a trade deal will have to be scrapped and given Biden’s hostile attitude towards Britain may never come back on the table. On the other hand, he could bring other opportunities for the UK, particularly on climate change. The UK is hosting the huge COP26 climate conference in 2021, a cause which Democrats support. The UK will also take charge of the G7 group next year which will bring a further opportunity to create a relationship.

Despite the significant differences between Donald trump and Joe Biden, the longer-term strategic interests shared by the UK and the US are bigger than any one, or even two politicians. The security and defence cooperation between the UK and US is close and longstanding.

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