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Alessio salucci

Valentino Rossi to Race at the 6 Ore di Vallelunga?

22 April, 2020
Valentino Rossi may take part in the 19th edition of the 6 Ore di Vallelunga that’s being held next Sunday at the Vallelunga race track. The 6 Hours of Vallelunga is an endurance sports car event and Rossi’s best friend…

More on the Uccio and Valentino Rossi Moto2 team

1 April, 2020
Could we see Valentino Rossi and his sidekick Uccio make an appearance as team managers in Moto2? It would be an exciting thing if we did and firmly stamp Rossi’s legacy all over the MotoGP and its younger series. According…

Uccio and the mohawk replica

31 March, 2020
Uccio, Valentino Rossi BFF or as he’s now know internationally as Rossi’s bitch, thanks to Colin Edwards, showed up at Sepang sporting this very unfashionable mohawk. Is he getting a cut from Diesel to walk around with a replica of…