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Bikes vs cars

The BMW S1000RR vs BMW M3 – video

26 April, 2020
We’ve seen literally hundreds of these type of videos, motorcycles vs cars and lately they seem to involve BMW’s S1000RR more than any other sports bike on the market.Whatever the reason that goes behind these type of ‘tests’, it’s always…

BMW S1000RR vs Bugatti Veyron – Video

9 April, 2020
Another bike vs car video, the usual BMW S1000RR but this time it’s pitted against the $1.700,000 Bugatti Veyron that is considered the second fastest street legal sports car on the planet.We all know that the BMW superbike pours out…

Bikes vs cars: from sex appeal to road rash

30 March, 2020
The age-old war of four wheels vs two was taken up again with a guest post from Paul Crowe at the Kneeslider, over on car blog Jalopnik (which is also the day job of Wes Siler from Hell from Leather,…