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Bridgestone tires

3 Year Deal for Bridgestone

24 April, 2020
Bridgestone has now officially become the MotoGP tire supplier with a contract for the next three years (2009-2011) after signing a deal with commercial rights holders Dorna Sports.Bridgestone was the only company to submit a proposal when Michelin failed to…

Bridgestone to stay with MotoGP for another 3 years

23 April, 2020
Despite rumors of Pirelli thinking of supplying tires to MotoGP and Michelin was thinking of a shock return in 2012, with Bridgestone thinking of cutting back their involvement in the series, the Japanese tire manufacturer has confirmed that it has…

Valentino Rossi and Bridgestone's Battlax BT-023 (w/video)

22 April, 2020
Last March Bridgestone announced that they had made Valentino Rossi their consultant to promote “passion for motorcycling for users and enthusiasts all over Europe” and the Japanese tire manufacturer has released this video starring their “ambassador” promoting the Battlax BT-023.The…

MotoGP – Bridgestone Coloured Rims

14 April, 2020
MotoGP seems to be imitating F1 in more ways than one. Bridgestone, the single tire supplier in MotoGP, is now colouring tire rims, green for who is using the soft tire and red for the hard tire.At the moment it’s…

Bridgestone Tires in MotoGP (w/videos)

13 April, 2020
Check out these two videos from Bridgestone, the Japanese tire manufacturer who is the sole supplier to MotoGP. The first is more or less an explanation for newbies who watch MotoGP racing, describing the the number and type of tires…

CRT teams to get a spec tire in 2013?

9 April, 2020
After the news of a standard Magneti Marelli ECU that will be made available next season and give a helping hand to CRT teams - and a new MotoGP qualifying format that will give a little more airtime to those…

Bridgestone bows to criticism, will bring in a softer tire

7 April, 2020
After all the stinging criticism that Bridgestone has received lately regarding their tires which are difficult to bring up to temperature and cool down too fast, that have resulted in a rash of closed throttle corner entry crashes that according…

Valentino Rossi and Bridgestone's new Battlax T30 (w/video)

7 April, 2020
Just the other day Bridgestone confirmed that Valentino Rossi would continue as their tire development advisor and the Japanese manufacturer has already putting the Italian back to work on promoting their new sport-touring tire, the Battlax T30. Filmed at Bridgestone’s…

Bridgestone: The dynamics of grip in MotoGP

5 April, 2020
After Brembo’s video on their braking systems used on MotoGP bikes, Bridgestone has released a video on how their tires work in the championship, with a mix of 3D animation and real racing footage. You’ll find out in detail how…

Bridgestone to bring more tires and compounds from Brno GP

4 April, 2020
After receiving some pretty stinging criticism from the MotoGP riders, and after the lastest string of crashes during Friday morning practice at Sachsenring all to blame on cold tires and numerous Safety Commission meetings, Bridgestone has decided to increase the…

Valentino Rossi explains Bridgestone's Battlax S20 w/video)

4 April, 2020
After Valentino Rossi’s first video as Bridgestone’s ‘ambassador,’ promoting the Japanese manufacturer’s Battlax BT-023 here’s the second giving the low down on the Battlax S20 tires.The Doctor becomes The Professor (he does have a degree honoris causa in communications from…

Bridgestone Commercials

31 March, 2020
Okay, the video shows Bridgestone tires only on cars and not motorbikes, but these commercials were too cute to pass up.

Chris Vermeulen talks about Catalunya FP1

27 March, 2020
Chris Vermeulen talks about today’s free practice and about Bridgestone’s asymmetric slick rear tires they’re using this for this particular circuit. Vermeulen finished 13th and only 17th in terms of top speed. It would been interesting to know if the…

Bridgestone to introduce new 'hard' rear tire at Brno GP

26 March, 2020
Bridgestone, in their usual race recap following the U.S. GP at Laguna Seca, released the news that at the Brno round they will be bringing new hard rear (softer) option for the MotoGP riders to use. The hard option rear…

Valentino Rossi becomes Bridgestone consultant

21 March, 2020
Everyone remembers the 2007 season when everyone got soundly trounced by Casey Stoner and all the talk about tires, with Valentino Rossi demanding and obtaining the switch to Bridgestone tires on which he then went on to win two back-to-back…

Rossi's White Stripe Mystery Solved

20 March, 2020
We posted yesterday the controversy regarding the missing white stripe on Valentino Rossi’s front tire that he used during the Sachsenring GP race.The mystery surrounding the stripe has been solved thanks to English website Crash.net who talked to a Bridgestone…