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Cinque terre

Portofino & Portovenere: monasteries converted into posh hotels

23 April, 2020
In Liguria, where mountains and steep cliffs drop straight into the Mediterranean, creating a unique landscape that each year attracts millions of tourists, many old monasteries have been converted into posh hotels. The most famous is Hotel Splendido in Portofino.…

Italian wines from Liguria on show in La Spezia

18 April, 2020
“Liguria da bere” or “Drinking Liguria” is an fair of traditional products and wine from Liguria that will take place in La Spezia, south of the Cinque Terre, this weekend.Liguria is one of the more undervalued regions in Italy, though…

Cinque Terre accommodation and the Santuario di Montenero

8 April, 2020
If you’re planning a holiday in Italy to the Cinque Terre in the warmer months, here is good site with plenty of accommodation tips for Monterosso, Riomaggiore and rooms in the Cinque Terre area.The Manario.it site has plenty of accommodation…

Bed and breakfast in the Cinque Terre

31 March, 2020
The Cinque Terre in Liguria are the towns of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso, some of which you can see in the photos here.They are one of the most beautiful areas in the mediterranean, uncontaminated for the inaccessibility, despite…

Weekend cooking in the Cinque Terre

31 March, 2020
If you’re passing through the Cinque Terre and are looking for something to do this weekend, three days of a cooking class are available in Framura, La Spezia. The weekend is organised by Viaggi Solidali, a group that focuses on…

Italy's most beautiful towns

28 March, 2020
The “Most Beautiful Towns in Italy” association has put together a list of the best mediaeval town centres to visit in Italy. There are a few obvious choices but also a few surprises among the towns. The list is as…

Italy's best beaches: top ten for 2011 summer in Italy

22 March, 2020
Summer in Italy spoils us for choice over the best Italian beaches from the north to the south, including some beautiful secluded spots on Italy’s islands. While August often seems like a bum’s rush to get your spot on the…

Italy's Cinque Terre on world's best coastal locations ranking

21 March, 2020
The Cinque Terre in Italy are among the world’s most beautiful coastal locations, according to the National Geographic’s geotourism survey. The location is one of my personal favourites in Italy, having been there once and hiked the coastline, enjoying a…