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Claudio castiglioni

Harley Davidson to buy MV Agusta

24 April, 2020
Harley Davidson could be considering the acquisition of MV Agusta, Claudio Castiglioni’s historical Italian brand. Negotiations are said to be at an advanced stage and are involving the credit banks of the Varese company - at the head is the…

Castiglioni and Minoli to buy MV Agusta?

17 April, 2020
According to reports, MV Agusta could finally have some purchasers with Claudio Castiglioni and Federico Minoli registering their interest. Castiglioni has been working at MV Agusta since its rebirth and has kept the ship from sinking since Harley Davidson announced…

MV Agusta F3 production delay?

16 April, 2020
After losing a pillar of the company and family like Claudio Castiglioni, MV Agusta can well do without reports like these. According to unnamed sources quoted by A&R, MV Agusta is facing financial difficulties in finding new investment and credit,…

Brutale 1078RR voted "Bike of the Year 2008"

9 April, 2020
After reporting on Italy’s 2008 Bike of the Year Award from Motociclismo magazine, the Brutale 1078RR took out top honours for overall best bike of 2008.The splendid model also took the prize in the naked category for the eighth time,…

Motorcycle design Claudio Castiglioni

2 April, 2020
As Italy and the international motorcycle industry prepare to farewell Claudio Castiglioni, here is our small gallery tribute to a legendary motorcycle figure with a series of just some of the creations Castiglioni has been credited for over the years.…

MV Agusta to return to Italy?

18 March, 2020
In what was possibly on the cards, the Italians could take back their beloved MV Agusta brand, after Harley Davidson announced the sale of MV Agusta and the production end of Buell. According to reports, MV Agusta is still preparing…

MV Agusta back to Italy cartoon

16 March, 2020
This ‘go back home’ comic piece from the guys at Motoblog show the patriotic sentiment many had when MV Agusta returned to Italian ownership recently. Harley-Davidson basically paid Claudio Castiglioni to take back his brand only two years after Castiglioni…