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Zero MX electric stunts: company joins TTXGP eGrandPrix

11 April, 2020
Electric freestyling is in these videos with the Zero MX doing some moves at the Sydney Motorcycle Expo. Boring? Just a motorised mountain bike? You decide, but in news from Hell for Leather, Zero is joining the TTXGP in the…

Electric motorcycle race series to support MotoGP

7 April, 2020
Electric motorcycles will have their own FIM race series from next year, possibly as a support series to the MotoGP. It will be managed by Azhar Hussain from the TTXGP series, and could possibly be called the eGrandPrix.This is good…

Egrandprix TTXGP promo video

25 March, 2020
Whether you find electric motorcycles exciting or not, you’ve got to admit this video certainly makes it look like they are. The TTXGP World Series for 2010 is on its way, despite some fall-out over electric grand prix with FIM…