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Ferrari california

1963 Ferrari 250 GTO auctioned for £12 million

20 April, 2020
One of the world’s rarest Ferraris has been sold at auction for 12 million pounds, with the purchaser said to be UK radio DJ and television personality, Chris Evans. The beautiful 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO is one of only three…

Ferrari California sold at auction for 520.000 USD

17 April, 2020
Where would you expect to find a Ferrari California if not amongst Hollywood stars and at an exclusive Santa Monica party. All for a good cause though, as the first Ferrari California sold at auction went for $520,000, donated to…

Ferrari F142: future F470

8 April, 2020
After the presentation of the lovely Ferrari California, Ferrari fans will be eager to know developments on the heir to the F430, the little sedan with central V8 engine which is perhaps more emblematic of the brand. The name is…

The new Ferrari California

7 April, 2020
As it was largely anticipated by our friends over at Autoblog Ferrari has just released the first photos of its new California. Three pictures that will make your mouth water. As you can see the design is clearly influenced by…

A new production line for the Ferrari California

6 April, 2020
As per the photo, production of the Ferrari California has commenced, and for the occasion a new assembly line has been inaugurated at Maranello. The program called “formula Uomo” (a play on words meaning “formula man”) started in 1997 and…

Ferrari California: the closed top version

27 March, 2020
After the first official shots, with the open roof, we finally see the coupè version of the Ferrari California, with a closed roof. That the California is a different Ferrari is shown by the blu colour chosen for the photos,…

Ferrari California: the opening roof function

18 March, 2020
It takes just 15 seconds - I counted and although I got distracted by the music, it’s a pretty accurate estimate of the function of the new Ferrari California’s roof. The roof transforms the smaller “cavallino” from a coupè to…

Ferrari SA Aperta live at the 2010 Paris Motor Show

18 March, 2020
Ferrari has paid homage in grand style to Pininfarina at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, revealing the Ferrari SA Aperta open-top based on the 599 GTO model. Only 80 of these models will be made and that they’ve already been…

Ferrari California promotional video

14 March, 2020
Up to now the new Ferrari California has been showed in videos and photo galleries all around the world, but we are still impatiently waiting for the real model to put in an appearance somewhere. Anyway we must make do…
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