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Italian athletes

Italian Olympian Andrew Howe in Vanity Fair exposé

28 March, 2020
The cover and a super-sexy photo shoot has seen Andrew Howe in Vanity Fair, in youthful exuberance ready for the Olympic Games. The 23-year-old will compete at the Games for Italy and is expected to bring home a medal from…

Who is Federica Pellegrini: Italy's hottest sports stars

24 March, 2020
Italy’s hot athlete Federica Pellegrini posed naked for Vanity Fair, but who is Federica? Controversy over Federica talking about her sexual fantasies in the media has also plagued the swimmer, who is a strong personality among Italian sports stars.Federica Pellegrini…

Hot Italian athlete Margherita Granbassi: "give me Tiger Woods"

20 March, 2020
Margherita Granbassi has moved from being a successful Italian athlete in fencing, into a sports journalism and television personality role. Granbassi participated in both the Athens and Beijing Olympic games, winning bronze in the latter, and has more than once…