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Sting and Symphonicity tour in Italy

21 April, 2020
Sting’s Symphonicity world tour will be in Italy in November, with appearances in Rome starting from November 10. It’s a prime opportunity to hear some of Sting’s best known tracks in a symphonic take as he appears with the Royal…

Touring Rome: live music in the Pigneto district

3 April, 2020
After walking the Pigneto district in Rome to discover an avant garde area of the eternal city, scene of Roma città aperta and Bar Necci, you can continue your exploration of this district by going over the Aquila bridge and…

100 sexy things to do in Rome

17 March, 2020
We saw the guide to where to fall in love in Rome, but here is one that might appeal more to your naughty side: 100 sexy things to do in Rome. It’s not just about romance in Rome, or getting…