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Longest motorcycle

Colin Furze breaks his own record longest motorcycle record

24 April, 2020
The saying idle hands are the devil’s tools certainly can’t be applied to Colin Furze, because the 31-year old plumber/inventor is back with another world record. Furze, in 2008 broke the world record for the longest and ridable motorcycle that…

Video of Colin Furze's 72ft scooter in action

29 March, 2020
Earlier this month we reported that Colin Furze had attempted another Guinness World record by building and riding the longest motorbike, 72ft or 22mt whichever you prefer, because now it’s official as this nutty, but genial inventor has got the…

Colin Furze and the Q Division Scooter (w/video)

14 March, 2020
Remember Colin Furze and how he built the longest motorcycle? Well the mad inventor from Stamford is back with another of his crazy ideas, a flame throwing scooter that not only shoots 12 ft flames straight out, but he can…