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Colin Furze and the Q Division Scooter (w/video)

Remember Colin Furze and how he built the longest motorcycle? Well the mad inventor from Stamford is back with another of his crazy ideas, a flame throwing scooter that not only shoots 12 ft flames straight out, but he can also change the angle of the flames.

It tooke Furze a month of work and three attempts before he got it right on this ultimate road rage machine and the plumber and part time inventor said: “It’s a lot of fun and when I fire the flames out the back it makes me feel just like James Bond.

” Thankfully the local cops got wind of Furze’s latest invention and have already and sternly warned him that he cannot be allowed to ride this scooter on the road: “I’ve been told that if I fire the flames while riding on the road it’s equivalent to using a firearm and I could be in a lot of trouble.
” he said.

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