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Bicycle vs Scooter Video

26 April, 2020
Getting your purse snatched is always a bad experience, but when chicken livered lowlifes grab it while riding a scooter or a motorcycle it also becomes dangerous, because you can fall or even get dragged, but in this case these…

Speed records on a Ducati Desmosedici RR

25 April, 2020
If you could think of the fatest road bike on record, it probably wouldn’t take much to come up with the Ducati Desmosedici RR. Such that New Zealand businessman, Paul Heard, has decided to beat 311km/hr in the seat of…

Yamaha R1 drifting in Willow Springs: amazing video

25 April, 2020
American company Graves Motorsports - which produces special parts and has an important history in racing - has created a special version of the Yamaha R1 designed for drifting and dubbed Graves Drift R1, and to show what their new…

Pimped Yamaha Nouvo

25 April, 2020
The Yamaha Nouvo Elegance is made for the Southeast Asian markets. It has a 4-stroke 2-valve SOHC liquid-cooled 135cc engine and the max speed is around 110-120km/h, but this Thai really pimped out his ride. What can we say except,…

Scooter Flame thrower Inventor Gets Arrested

25 April, 2020
Colin Furze, the plumber/inventor after his latest harebrained invention, the flame throwing scooter, got his ass hauled into jail the other day after being arrested on suspicion of committing a firearms offence after being pictured riding the scooter on a…

Ducati 1198S with Vuvuzela Exhausts

24 April, 2020
That damn World Cup and their noisy vuvuzela’s, which has also been called an ‘instrument from hell’, has now contaminated the motorcyle crowd.The Dutch owner of a Ducati 1198S, to celebrate his national football team decided to add a couple…

Motorcycle lobster

24 April, 2020
I have to say I quite like lobster but it almost gives me the creeps seeing this motorcycle model made from lobster. The crayfish gets sculpted into a motorcycle by Huang Mingbo, who is described as a food carving artist.…

Epic Win: the 10-seat Crocodile-bike from India /video

24 April, 2020
Today’s ‘Epic Win‘ video comes from the Punjab region in northern India, where a local mechanic has created a decidedly eccentric bike that looks like a crocodile and is capable of carrying up to a 10 people. The ‘Crocodile On…

Colin Furze breaks his own record longest motorcycle record

24 April, 2020
The saying idle hands are the devil’s tools certainly can’t be applied to Colin Furze, because the 31-year old plumber/inventor is back with another world record. Furze, in 2008 broke the world record for the longest and ridable motorcycle that…

Photo of the Day- Suzuki Green Goblin

23 April, 2020
Wasn’t Halloween last week? To turn a perfectly decent Suzuki GSX R-1000 this way you really have to be a hardcoreSpiderman comic book or movie fan.

Steve McQueen cologne

23 April, 2020
Do you dream of being Steve McQueen? If so, you’ll need this McQueen memorabilia product to get where you what to be - or at least to smell like what the man himself probably didn’t smell like at all. Introducing…

Adventuriders on a scooter: Elefantentreffen 2009 videos

23 April, 2020
We have already introduced you to our intrepid Italian elefantentreffen team and their adventure in the cold and ice is now seriously underway. For daily details of their excursion, check out the day-by-day elefantentreffen log on motoblog.it (in Italian).Below we…

Vespa stunts: pics and video from Nicola Campobbasso

23 April, 2020
The Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour finished last Saturday in Rome and the Italians pulled Nicola Campobbasso out of their bag of tricks for the day. Nicola is also known as the ‘impennatore’ or ‘wheeler’ in the sense of one-wheel…

Emilio Zamora Guinness World Record

22 April, 2020
In front of a cheering crowd of four thousand at the Polideportivo de Cheste (Valencia) Emilio Zamora, Burn Energy Drink stunt rider, broke the Guinness World Record for the number of donuts done in one minute. Riding a Ducati Monster…

Here Comes the Bride in the Trike Carriage

22 April, 2020
You and your bride-to-be hardcore bikers? You don’t want to give up your bikes for one day, but she wants to leave her leathers in the closet and go classic, with a formal wedding gown, veil or train. This Harley…

Italy's Davide Biga completes journey around the world

22 April, 2020
Italian adventurer Davide Biga is about to make it back home after one year spent circumnavigating the world alone with his Yamaha Super Ténéré 1200. The 90,000 km ride required seven sets of tyres and eight oil changes, but from…

Scientifically Proven – Riding Motorcycles Keeps You Young

22 April, 2020
According to a Ryuta Kawashima, a software designer for Brain Training, citing a new scientific study conducted jointly by Yamaha Motor and Tohoku University proves that riding motorcycles keeps you young by invigorating your brain.“The driver’s brain gets activated by…

Spanish Group Writes Song For Valentino Rossi

21 April, 2020
If you’re a hardcore fan of the GOAT, this bit of fluff news from Spain will make you proud, and if you’re not it will only make you shudder and think Oh God, more yellow muppets.The drummer Ignacio Oller of…

Michael Jackson vs Mr. Bean on a Vespa

21 April, 2020
This cute little animation video should brighten up your Friday morning, with the one and only Mr. Bean who gives up his British Leyland Mini to ride a vintage Vespa scooter to take on Michael Jackson and match his dance…

Rok Bagoros steps up his game with the KTM 690 Duke

21 April, 2020
Slovenian freestyler Rok Bagoros has a brand new toy to play with: after stunning the international crowds on the KTM Duke 125, the skillful 22 years old has now recived from personal sponsor KTM a special 690 Duke stunt factory…

Aprilia RS 50 turns into a Ducati GP Replica

20 April, 2020
What can a loving dad do for his Ducati mad 14 year-old daughter? Kikka wanted a Ducati, but the Italian manufacturer doesn’t make 50cc race replicas like other bike companies, so daddy gets a beat up Aprilia RS 50, puts…

World's first handcrafted silver motorcycle

20 April, 2020
Looking for a motorcycle with a lot of bling or a 25th anniversary present, you definitely have to check out the first ever motorcycle handcrafted in silver.The motorcycle was unveiled at the India International Jewelry show (August 8-12) by Silver…