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MotoGP, the travelling hotel invented by the brothers Nieto

The MotoGp travelling hotel idea dates back to 2008 and it's property of the Nietos' brothers.

nieto brothers
the idea dates back to 2008

In 2008 the brothers Nieto had a brilliant idea: a MotoGp travelling hotel (of course is luxurious) to host and snuggle MotoGp riders and staff.

The MotoGp travelling hotel, a Nieto idea

“The idea came into our (me and my brother Gelete) minds in 2008.

We were in a hotel, without a RV. At some point Gelete said that the paddock was missing an hotel. Later that year we bought the first truck.

“It was central, with extractable lateral attachments: it costed 250 thousands of euros and it had six rooms.

To begin, we needed to get three filled in. The first was Bautista, then came Marquez. We started, buying one per year”.

Those are the words of Pablo Nieto, the youngster of the two. Now the travelling hotel consists of four trucks and sixteen rooms.

The idea is simply stunning. The driver does not have to think to anything. It arrives to the circuit, it opens the door, finding his house. Of course, cleaning is done everyday, and the hotel is luxurious. TVs, music, games, wi-fi and also a 200 movies video archive.

The smallest rooms costs 18 thousand euros, the double one is 22 thousand and the suite comes to cost 27 thousand.

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