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Colin Furze breaks his own record longest motorcycle record

The saying idle hands are the devil’s tools certainly can’t be applied to Colin Furze, because the 31-year old plumber/inventor is back with another world record.
Furze, in 2008 broke the world record for the longest and ridable motorcycle that was 14 meters long, but now has taken it a very long step forward, by building in his mother’s bike yard, a 22 meter (72ft) long bike that seats 25.

Just like in 2008, he rode it on the runway at Saltby Airfield in Lincolnshire taking it to the top speed of 35mph, for almost a mile, but it wasn’t an easy feat according to the inventor, “When I first got on it I thought it would never work and at a slow speed it’s almost impossible to keep upright.

But once you get going it becomes a bit easier, although it is a real strain on your arms as it has such heavy steering.
” He also added, “This motorbike was so heavy and difficult to drive I think it would be impossible to make a longer bike.
I think this record will stand for a very long time.

” The attempt is still pending verification by the Guinness World of Records.

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