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Epic Win: on one wheel at 150 km/h… on ice / video

20 April, 2020
Today’s Epic Win video comes from Wisconsin, US, where local rider Ryan Suchanek has set a new record that got duly registered by the Guinness Book of Records. The attempt took place on the 5th February at Lake Koshkonong, the…

Valentino Rossi Snow Sculpture

20 April, 2020
A giant 6×3x3 mt snow sculpture of Valentino Rossi on his Yamaha M1 created by Samuel Perathoner from Santa Cristina, won 1st prize in the 14th Edition of the Snow Sculpture Competition that takes place in the ski resort town…

Triazuma Snow by Ludovic Lazareth /video

19 April, 2020
The pretty peculiar snow-trike that we can see in this video is called Triazuma Snow and is basically the latest evolution of the infamous Wazuma, the ultra extreme quad-bike powered by the engine of the mighty Yamaha R1 created by…

Alien Vs Predator Bikes

18 April, 2020
What was I saying about certain bikes at the Daytona Bike Week? These ones come from Thailand.Take a look at the Predator bike after the jump:

Rok Bagoros rocks the 2013 Kini Fullgas Day /video

18 April, 2020
Here is another cool video released by Slovenian freestyler Rok Bagoros, a KTM factory stunt rider who is also an ambassador for the Austrian brand across the world. His latest appearance was at the Kini Fullgas 2013 in Zillertal, Austria,…

The most creative helmets: cool helmet design ranking

18 April, 2020
In what we can only describe as a singular ranking, Visordown has created a list of the ten most creative helmets around and the gallery below has to be seen to be believed.The photos aren’t in the order of the…

Honda VFR 'Swamp Rat'

18 April, 2020
Rat Bikes are a very peculiar genre of motorcycles, no doubt about that, and it is precisely for this reason that the standards of ‘beauty’ through which they should be judged are just ‘different’. Of course there are those who…

Peterhansel on the dunes with a Yamaha R1

18 April, 2020
Stéphane Peterhansel - living legend of the Dakar Rally with 6 wins on two wheels (all of which with Yamaha) and 4 wins in the car class - was getting a little bored while waiting for the next edition of…

Mastino cafe racer by Emporio Elaborazioni

17 April, 2020
Rome-based company Emporio Elaborazioni introduces the “Mastino” (”Mastiff” in Italian), its new cafe racer based on a Yamaha XJR 1200. In order to obtain the sort of special cafe racer they had in mind out of the big XJR, the…

Blind and disabled Stuart Gunn sets new speed record (w/video)

17 April, 2020
39-year old Stuart Gunn may be paralysed from the waist down and also blind, but that didn't stop him setting a new world record and beating Billy Baxter's 2003 record of 263,9 km/h (164,87mph).Gunn battled crosswinds at the Elvington Airfield…

Bury me at Montmelo Circuit

16 April, 2020
If your beloved one is the ultimate motorcycle racing fan you and lives in Spain, and in the case of an untimely departure from this world, you can decide to leave his or her ashes at the Montmelo racing circuit.…

The Sweetest Ducati Streetfighter

15 April, 2020
This has to be the sweetest Ducati Streetfighter around. Food Network designed this life-sized cake modeled after the Streetfighter and presented it to owner and founder of GoDaddy, Bob Parsons an avid Ducati rider for his wedding. More details about…

Photo of the Day: The Godfather Motorcycle

15 April, 2020
Would you quote Marlon Brando as the Godfather, Don Vito Corleone, with his memorable line, “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse” for this motorcycle? The only thing missing is the horse’s head.Send your funny, bizarre or…

Gangnam Style and motorcycles parody video

14 April, 2020
If you’ve never seem South Korean Pys ‘Gangnam Style’ video then you’ve been living in a cave with out electricity in these last months. ‘Gangnam Style’ is the most clicked video in YouTube (the original video has over 412 million…

Modeler GP: the most amazing scale models you can see

14 April, 2020
Modeler GP is a famous and important happening dedicated to static models held every year in Japan. In this particular event, modelers are competing against each other to build scale models of renowned motorcycles, which are made ​​as accurately as…

The Helmet with blue LED lights/ video

13 April, 2020
Probably the whole idea got prompted by the Tron Legacy movie, the sequel to the 1982 science fiction film Tron, one of the most popular sci-fi movies of the 80s. Inspired by what he had seen on the big silver…

Scooter Tuning live at Intermot 2008

13 April, 2020
We give you these marvellous live shots from the Cologne show, Intermot 2008, of the scooter tuning on show. The shots come from 3rad. Your favourite model?

Super Scooters

13 April, 2020
These colourful extravagant pimped up and stretched out 250cc scooters are latest must have for the Japanese teenager, if daddy can fork out the cash, because customizing these scooters can cost up to $ 37,000.Pimped Up Japanese Scooters

TRT: a kit to turn your Harley into a Tilting Reverse Trike

12 April, 2020
Harley-Davidson enthusiast Jim Harrel always had a soft spot for trikes, but he had never thought about getting himself one until he got involved in a small accident. Interpreting that as a sign, he looked through the market of the…

Women motorcycle stunt riders: are you agile enough?

12 April, 2020
These motorcycle stunt girls show us how it’s done and if you’re interested, you might even pick up a few tips on stunt riding while you’re at it. From Betty to Jessica to Stephanie to Tena (aka Stunt Blondie), we…

Norton Commando "Vampire"

12 April, 2020
Near Dark, From Dusk to Dawn or Blade maybe be the usual and somewhat gory vampire movies, but they’re nothing like this 1990 British horror/black commedy flic where the gas guzzling, excuse me, blood sucking vampire is a Norton Commando.Too…