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Wooden Style Yamaha Fino

1 April, 2020
You may remember the hand made wooden Vespa Daniela, so now take a look at this modified wooden version of the Yamaha Fino from Thailand, the owner even has a matching helmet.Yamaha Fino

Brigitte Bardot: BB's Harley Davidson

1 April, 2020
A walk down memory lane with this vintage video clip of the late 60’s starring French actress/singer and sex kitten Brigitte Bardot. The lady was such a big Harley Davidson fan that she even put out this notoriously kitsch record…

Deconstructed Motorcycle Ads

30 March, 2020
These amazing people portraits using deconstructed motorcycles was created by American graphic designer Brock Davis, who is the group creative director for the advertising agency Carmichael Lynch based in Minneapolis who created this print ad campaign for Harley Davidson.

Schumacher pulls out of IDM Superbike

29 March, 2020
Former Formula One champion Michael Schumacher has called off plans to race this weekend at Lausitzring in Germany in the German IDM Championship on a Honda CBR1000RR with Holzhauer Racing.Schumacher crashed in February while testing on the track in Cartagena,…

Video of Colin Furze's 72ft scooter in action

29 March, 2020
Earlier this month we reported that Colin Furze had attempted another Guinness World record by building and riding the longest motorbike, 72ft or 22mt whichever you prefer, because now it’s official as this nutty, but genial inventor has got the…

World's fastest street bike: Asphaltfighters Stormbringer

27 March, 2020
The Asphaltfigters Stormbringer is based on the Kawasaki ZX-10R has has 280 hp, tipped as the world’s fastest road-spec bike. The engine is still the same 999 cc with 165 hp, but the tuning has totally revamped the power to…

Mazda RX-7 vs Kawasaki ZX10 drifting video

27 March, 2020
Can you drift as well on a bike as in a car, seems to be the questioned posed in this motorcycle stunt video from Icon of rider Nick Brocha putting a Kawasaki ZX10 around a track, drifting off the rear…

Washing and Cleaning your Motorcycle

26 March, 2020
Washing your motorcycle can be tedious and time consuming so other people have decided to take this task off your hands. You can now choose between the the first automatic motorcycle washing machine that cleans your bike in 5 minutes…

SuperDuke 1200 R Concept: a KTM graphic concept

26 March, 2020
Italian industrial designer Mirco Sapio has presented our colleagues from Motoblog.it with his own rendition of a pretty interesting concept bike, the SuperDuke 1200 R, based on chassis and engine of the oustanding KTM RC8. Mr.Sapio drew some inspiration from…

Motorcyclist and ram go head-to-head in awesome video

26 March, 2020
This video comes from Nelson, New Zealand, where a local motorcyclist - going out for a quiet spin in the countryside with his loyal Honda - suddenly found himself in front of a stubborn and not-so-friendly ram (as you will…

Snow chains for scooters (video)

25 March, 2020
Our colleagues from twin-site Motoblog.it alerted us about a video that shows how an ingenious scooter owner from Italy - which was recently hit by quite some heavy snowfalls - has built himself a set of clever snow chains for…

Video: longest motorcycle jump in the world

25 March, 2020
The longest jump on a motorcyle in the world was done in June - a breathless motorcycle stunt of 120 metres and just watching the video gets your heart in your mouth. We’re not sure if we’re impressed by the…

Special bikes: a minimalist motorcycle from Brazil

24 March, 2020
The special motorbike we are about to introduce today is a creation of Brazilian designer and entrepreneur Danilo Andrade, who decided to create a different kind of bike with a unique and modern design. The whole idea got started in…

Star Wars Moto X: Space Balls freestyle /video

23 March, 2020
What drives a man to spend money and two days of his life to go in the desert and shoot a short film which has as its protagonists two freestyle motocrossers disguised as Star Wars “Stormtroopers”? No, it’s not dementia.…

Crashproof bike fails test: video

23 March, 2020
This incredible video is so bizarre that I don’t know what to make of it…. Hoping the guy is okay, though, it almost seems like a spoof because really - could anything go this wrong when filming? The idea is…

Bikerstube: new motorcycle webspace for videos, blogs

23 March, 2020
A new web TV spot is dedicated to the world of motorcycling, called Bikerstube.It will be a new space on the web where you can upload, link and share user videos, and use films directly produced from the portal. Blog…

Freestyler Rok Bagoros sets his home town on fire video

23 March, 2020
In just three years of activity at a professional level, Slovenian freestyler Rok Bagoros has quickly become one of the most well-known figures of this discipline - and we have actually talked about his stunts quite often on these pages…

A3W Concept Motorcycle

21 March, 2020
French architect and concept designer Julien Rondino has come up with this idea for a motorcycle called the Axial 3 Wheels. We’re used to seeing trikes and the famous Piaggio MP3, but this concept is totally different. Based on a…

Roland Sands and Nitro Circus II (w/video)

21 March, 2020
Roland Sands, besides being a one of the great custom bike builders also likes to ride his own creations and here he is, with members of his crew having fun jumping, wheeling and doing stoppies along the LA drainage system…

Luxury brand meets the chopper world

21 March, 2020
We’ve seen the Ferrari badged motorcyle, the Jaguar motorcyle concept and it was just a matter of time before we saw the Bentley chopper.This unique bike has been customised with Bentley Flying B badge on it’s gas tank, the classic…