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Even Hitler hates the Ducati Diavel and Rossi (w/video)

Okay, the Diavel has received mixed opinions so far, with the vast majority of Italian Ducatisti absolutely hating the power cruiser, that’s very far from the Ducati racing mystique, and they’ve already up in arms against the idea of a mid-range scooter branded Ducati, so their protests include getting the usual Hitler video to get their humourous and not so subtle message across to the Italian company.

Since the video has Italian subtitles, we’ve translated it for you.
Staff : … Ducati has presented its new model at the Milan show, the stand was surrounded by curious onlookers and journalists.
The members of our club found it hard to see the new bike, but we took advantage of the fact that the stand girl left, then we saw it.

Hitler: So we have a new Superbike ready for the track, good.
Staff: Mien Furher … it’s a cruiser, a Harley styled bike.
Hitler: Everyone who has a Monster, Hyper or a Multistrada leave the room.
What are they doing? What the fuck are they doing? What the hell is a Ducati cruiser? How the fuck did they come up with this idea?It wasn’t enough they got Valentino.

That’s where Casey Stoner probably got his stomach pains from, he must have seen and tested the bike.
Don’t they realize how the Japanese at the local bar, will kill us with their jokes? … Those guys and their vacuum cleaners!Staff: Mien Furher the Ducati club will certainly understand Ducati’s reasoning.
Hitler: Reasoning my ass!Staff: I’m sure we’ll have new members …Hitler: Yes! American yokels, worse than those old guys with the Multistrada’s! A Desmo twin for the track! This is only thing we want, nothing more.
Next year we’ll have all those assholes with #3 on their bikes to remind us that Biaggi won with the Aprilia.
Pulling out as losers from Superbikes and picking up that old pre-pensioner of Valentino and paying him gold wasn’t enough? Certainly it wasn’t enough! They’re fucking with us! That wasn’t enough to get us laughed at, the only thing that was missing was leather vests, Harley style and now we’ll have trucks passing us on the highways, like Harleys!How I miss the Ducati 916.
That bike on the mountain roads was unbeatable, not a fucking cruiser! A cruiser, what are they going to invent next, a scooter? That’s the only thing missing is a scooter tagged #46 for all those yellow muppets out there, who only know how to do wheelies and can’t get their knee down.
All this humiliating for us Ducatisti, but this is the last drop, with all the money I’ve spent in their shops in these years.
Their stupid shoes, belts, T-shirts …Secretary: Don’t worry your shoes aren’t stupid.
Hitler: After all this, I’m really tired.
I’m resigning the presidency of the Ducati club.
I’m going to buy an Aprilia RSV.
I stayed with them when they made the 999 and that was really ugly, it was ridiculous next to the 998, but a cruiser …

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