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147 million euro jackpot makes history in Europe

17 April, 2020
Italy’s lottery of 147 million euros recently won by one lucky person, has entered lottery history, becoming the 4th biggest lottery win in Europe. On an international scale, the first, way ahead of the pack is the MegaMillions American lottery…

More than 131 million euros in Italian lottery

9 April, 2020
Italy’s national lottery has reached biblical proportions at more than 131 million euros! If no-one wins the lottery this evening, that figure will escalate beyond the 131,500,000 euros it’s currently at.Tickets can be bought until 7:30 pm tonight, so if…

Italy's lottery won for 147 million euros

6 April, 2020
Lucky lucky lucky! Italy’s mega lottery of over 147 million euros has been won by someone from Bagnone in Tuscany, with a winning ticket of just two euros purchased at the Biffi Bar. The total winning figure is 147,807,299 euros…